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  3. Funky Facts about Canucks!
  • Funky Facts about Canucks! (Canadian English)

    If you happen to visit Canada for travel, study or business, please take a moment to learn these local expressions.


    A nickname for "Canadian person". Canadians are often called Canucks by Americans as a joke, but we also use it among ourselves with pride!

    "I know, eh?"

    Actually, this expression is not used that much, but it is a well-known stereotype about Canadian English, so we often use it as a joke when speaking to Americans. Using “eh?” at the end of a sentence is similar to the Kansai dialect of Japanese, when speakers say やな!to express a question or seek agreement.

    "It's really cold eh? I had to wear my toque* this morning!"
    "I know eh? It’s so cold, my car wouldn’t start."

    (*toque = a knitted winter hat or beanie. It is pronounced "took")


    Canadians love to drink cheap coffee during all seasons, and a hot double-double is by far the most popular choice. It means a coffee with two creams and two sugars, hence "double". You can also try a "triple-triple", which means three creams and sugars. This word has been made popular by our famous Canadian donut shop, Tim Hortons (nicknamed Timmies or Tim's).

    "Hey, let’s do a Timmies run*, I could really use another double-double."
    (*A "coffee run" means going out to get coffee. This responsibility is usually placed upon a lower member of the company who is sent out to get drinks for his/her coworkers.)


    Canadians love sugary soft drinks just as much as Americans. But if you're craving a Coke or Pepsi, don't say "soda" or you'll find yourself with a glass of carbonated water. "Pop" is the casual way to say soft drink in Canada.

    "Loonies & Toonies"

    The Canadian dollar coin features a loon (wild bird similar to a goose or duck), so it has been nicknamed the "loonie." Likewise, the toonie or twoonie is the tongue-in-cheek nickname for the two dollar coin.

    "Do you happen to have a toonie on you? I forgot my wallet and I want to buy a postcard."


    • crave:~をとても欲しがる、~を頼む
    • tongue-in-cheek:ふざけた、冗談の



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